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  • Dax J
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  • DJ Nobu
  • Dorisburg
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  • Elli Acula
  • Estella Boersma
  • Fireground
  • Freddy K
  • GiGi FM
  • Grace Dahl
  • Hasvat Informant
  • Hyperaktivist
  • Initial Code
  • Job Jobse
  • Kameliia
  • Lacchesi
  • Less Distress
  • Mac Declos
  • Mattias El Mansouri
  • Mola Mola
  • Mor Elian
  • Nadia Struiwigh
  • Narciss
  • Oscar Mulero
  • Phara
  • Philippa Pacho
  • Roi Perez
  • Sandrien
  • Sedef Adasi
  • Skee Mask
  • Sol Ortega
  • Stranger
  • THC
  • The Lady Machine
  • VEL
  • VNNN.
  • .Vril
  • VSC
  • Why Be
  • Yanamaste
  • Yazzus
  • Young Marco
A2iCE & BO3

To provide ravers with a solid portion of local heroes, Alice & Bob will return to Stone Techno Festival and unload their toolbox of top-speed, trancy, old-school heavy strikes. The artist and DJ duo from Dortmund does not only know how to design floors, such as Salzlager in 2023 and now even all floors for the upcoming edition, they're as talented tearing them down again.

Adriana Lopez

Columbian-born and Barcelona-based techno longstay Adriana Lopez will return to next year's Stone Techno Festival after her powerful, literally cloud-bursting performance in 2023. The influential DJ, producer and label head stands for timeless, pure and non-compromising tunes. Welcome back, Adriana!

Ahmet Sisman

Although it is no surprise at all, we joyfully announce The Third Room founder Ahmet Sisman to attend and win his home game on the playground he invented. Once again equipped with the finest selection from decades within the scene which is complemented by his own productions, Sisman will perfectly complement the line-up curated by himself.


With Milan-based artist Alarico we are inviting a close friend and feature of our most recent VA Series to the Stone Techno Festival. His fast-paced and captivating, narcotic sound has made him the hottest up-and-comer in the last couple of years and an absolute must-see ever since. Catch him playing live for the first time in the Ruhr Area.


Altinbas convinces listeners with his thoughtful and hazy productions that range from fierce, hypnotic rollers to bright, dubby rockets. Not only in the studio but also behind the decks the Fuse resident is an outstanding creative mind, shaping and evolving spaced out sounds that will resonate with the industrial fortress of UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein very soon.


DJ, producer and label head Amotik is renowned for masterfully crafting minimalistic techno in versatile ways. It's no surprise that his sonic trademark has earned him a regular spot at globally recognized techno institutions such as Berghain, FUSE, Printworks and more. The Berlin resident will be setting the tone at STF24 with his blend of atmospheric soundscapes and hypnotic patterns and grooves.


After numerous previous engagements, we are incredibly thrilled to once again welcome back Anetha to Stone Techno Festival. The Mama Told Ya founder formed her own sub-genre by using 90s trance elements in a modern and contemporary way to create a sound that is pleasing but sharp at the same time.


Hailing from Greece and representing her homelands techno scene worldwide, ANNĒ accomplished to lift fast grooves to a new dimension with her distinctive handwriting. Bedroom DJs such as scene legends are crazy about her tracks released on labels like Soma Records or Mutual Rhythm. Be ready for her performance, you don't want to regret missing it.

Ben Sims

We are more than gassed to welcome UK techno legend Ben Sims back behind the decks at Stone Techno Festival after his exceptional 4 hour b2b performance with Oscar Mulero in 2022. In over three decades in the scene, Ben was and is a mentor for so many upcoming and established artists, no matter if he communicates through music or with words.

Benjamin Damage

Hardware guru Benjamin Damage will stop in Essen this summer to perform a live set that will melt into the industrial scenario of UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein. The London-based artist with releases on the most legendary labels builds bridges between rough and dreamy soundscapes and can't be recommended enough.


Berlin Track Servant has made himself a name with his absolute banging selection of old school gems and rave anthems. With indisputable commitment the DJ and record nerd digs out new hidden weapons every day and has accomplished to open a new gate for thousands of fellow DJs and fascinated followers.

Beste Hira

We are impatiently awaiting the return of Amsterdam-based up-and-coming Beste Hira to the Ruhr Area. After her first-class set at last years Henrichshütte and her superb contribution for our VA series, it is about time for the BCCO resident to take over Stone Techno Festival with her stripped-down, hypnotic and kinda dreamy sound.

Blasha & Allatt

It's hard to name a more iconic duo these days than Blasha & Allatt. Hailing from their hometown Manchester, the Meat Free creators & Vault Sessions residents have played some of the most iconic venues already with their uncompromising grooves coming mostly from vinyl.


Blawan is not only known as Yorkshire's finest export but also as bound-breaking producer, DJ and live artist. With tracks that are as thrilling as their names, he creates music that lets elements clash – unearthed, thoughtful and touchingly apocalyptical. Not sure if there is any better fit to perform in Europe's largest former old coal mine complex.


Despite his breakthrough being some years in the past, Chlär never fails to surprise with his eccentric approach to techno. Head-winding grooves, lots of ear candy and nonstop high-speed make the Berlin resident and Primal Instinct founder an absolute no brainer booking.

Colin Benders

Modular wonder & T3R regular Colin Benders will return to STF24 to impress crowd and colleagues with a stunning live performance. A true jack of all trades, the Dutch sound specialist, instrumentalist and former orchestra director will once again showcase his mastery, treating the audience to polyphonic soundscapes that will deeply impress.

D. Dan

The fact that D.Dan is stepping behind the decks at Stone Techno Festival for the third year in a row must speak for itself. Pure distinctiveness and masterclass quality in productions and sets make crowd after crowd go crazy. Buckle up for another round of ecstatic grooves, uncompromisingly delivered.

Dasha Rush

Dasha Rush is not only a worldwide appreciated, genre-transcending artist but also one of our most precious, recurring bookings. With a big smile and a warm heart, we remember her magnificent, raw performance at last year's Stone Techno Festival and cannot wait to welcome her back in 2024.

Dax J

Nothing is comparable with the joy to open doors and arms in order to welcome back an old friend. We genuinely lost count on how often Dax J pleased our ears in the last years but we know that each time he returns, his purposeful hard-driven yet grooving techno will move mountains.


Born in Switzerland and hailing from Berlin, DJ AYA stands for notable modern and seductive club sounds. Whoever strives for fresh breezes and varying grooves will deeply appreciate her unforeseeable blend between old-school techno, fast-paced house and now and then some solid UK garage. We can't wait for her Stone Techno Festival debut.

DJ Nobu

Japan's DJ Nobu accomplishes to perfectly hit the sweet spot between a wide range of styles on the one hand and an absolute distinctive handwriting on the other hand. Along subtle constant futuristic and minimalistic sound colors, the Bitta founder converts every blank canvas into a piece of art.


Not judging books by covers or DJs by their names never made more sense than introducing DJ TOOL. Finding so much depth and scenery amongst catchy, rough loops in the Mala Junta co-founder's sets and tunes, we firmly invite you to join his trippy storytelling next summer.


Dorisburg's transcendental, unframed blues fills dark rooms with its beauty and profundity. The Swedish artist from the Unites States is his own high bar and comparative value, an unmatched and astonishing sound designer who will leave his mark on our grounds of iron and steel.


Brussels native and Fuse resident Downside will display his deep techno, enriched with dub elements, for the first time in Essen. The DJ and producer with sound engineering background will set the floor ablaze with his sound, gained from over a decade promoting and performing in the underground scene of his homeland's capital.

Dr. Rubinstein

Dr Rubinstein is leaving footprint after footprint, in her home base Berlin and beyond. With her strongly acid- and electro-flavored grooves coming strictly from wax, the golden age of raving will be brought back and defined in a new, captivating way.


Even if there is presumably nothing that wasn't already said about the legendary DVS1, for us personally the US-born Berghain resident is at the top of our wish list since years. He is not only a role model with his highly-profound approach of stripped-down, hypnotic, time-lasting techno but also with his strong voice on electronic music culture and its social impact. We are gassed to have the Aslice creator play at UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein.

Ellen Allien

For so many years, Ellen Alien has been forming the electronic music scene with her unmatched vision and golden taste. After various incredible sets, such as STF22 or countless Mischanlage appearances, the B-Pitch founder and Berlin original highlights our line-up once again with her contagious, energetic drive.

Elli Acula

Elli Acula can for sure be described as one of Berlin's hottest talks of town. The Spandau 20 resident delivers powerful, stompy energy enriched with a variety of influences, including sharp chords, breakbeat and jungle elements. Watch her command the booth and make the dance floor explode at STF24.

Estella Boersma

After her hot performance at Mischanlage last spring, we are already counting days for Estella Boersma to return behind the decks for us. The Dutch-born and Berlin-based DJ and producer always creates the spark to light up the night with her exhilarated, winding sound, combined with a contagious energy in the booth.


The Italian-born and Berlin-based duo Fireground is winning hearts by storm with their unique blend of tribal-inspired, percussion-heavy elements and dreamy yet sometimes funk-infused riffs and chords. We are thrilled to announce the Tresor residents to perform a live set that will for sure enchant ravers with its well considered components.

Freddy K

Berghain regular and turntable wizard Freddy K will return to our grounds after his bar setting Werkschwimmbad closing at STF23. The label owner and skill icon knows to impress with his timeless and style-fluid true techno sound that will make our venue's old steel vibrate once again.


Cosmopolit icon GiGiFM is a true collector and conisseur who creates her very own atmosphere that is not only meaningful and wide but driving and club-suitable at the same time. Convince yourselves of the pure talent the French/Italian force brings to the table.

Grace Dahl

We couldn't be more delighted about groove-queen Grave Dahl coming to Essen and lighting up the parquet. The Vault Sessions resident has an unmatched ability to combine thwacking and bumping drums with nifty basslines that never goes unnoticed and always causes excitement.

Hasvat Informant

Australian uprising talent Hasvat Informant will display his uplifting, uncompromising yet hypnotic sound approach at our beloved UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein. With his excellent productions causing some excitement recently, the Mama Told Ya member is definitely someone to watch.


We are truly cheerful to announce Hyperaktivist's name for the third time in a row on our STF catalogue. The Mala Yunta founder's driving, old-school heavy and percussive sound will mark an outright highlight in the line-up. See you there!

Initial Code

As a person of many talents and with an impressive biography, Initial Code is far away from being one-dimensional. The Fuse sound engineer is gifted as a promoter, music journalist and of course as a DJ who's punchy and swift techno benefits from all his different angles in the scene and will be certain floor filler.

Job Jobse

Euphoria stimulator Job Jobse will bring a fresh breeze and new spice to Stone Techno Festival. With his positive party gems presented in the most likeable way, the Amsterdam DJ will transform the Salzlager stage into a melting pot of ecstasy and officially start the summer season in Essen.


Norwegian producer and DJ Kameliia is one of the most thrilling insider tips of recent times, causing curiosity and affection. With releases on labels like Amotik or Unbalanced, the Oslo-based artist showcases her beautifully reflective, absorbing, echoing sound. We cannot wait to experience her performance.


Lacchesi's exceptional musical script has positioned him as one of the most eminent contributors to contemporary, high-speed club sounds. We fondly remember his set at our T3R Amsterdam debut at Intercell and eagerly anticipate the debut of the Paris-based creative at the Stone Techno Festival.

Less Distress

Less Distress combines modern uptempo rave aesthetics with paying acknowledgement to old-school influences. The Russian-born and Berlin-based Mama Told Ya member translates her own emotions and feelings into monumental hard-hitting audio experiences that will be presented to a T3R crowd for the very first time.

Mac Declos

Cheeky and playful gooves that fluently go back and forth with classic raw ingredients will come to Essen with Mama Told Ya member Mac Declos. With his hands on the spirit of time, his vision in the future and his heart in the past, he creates a very special, vocal friendly, fuse of sounds.

Mattias El Mansouri

Hailing from Stockholm, Mattias El Mansouri is a remarkable mood creator with his organic, musing fabrications. The Ritmo Liminal founder, Northern Lights curator and rhythm enthusiast is expected to surprise with audible constellations that we have not heard before at Stone Techno Festival.

Mola Mola

Playbody programmer and resident Mola Mola will return to his old homelands once more since his The Third Room family is calling for another successful festival implementation with his contribution. The London-based DJ and promoter does not miss to fill musical gaps with his old-school-ish, dub & perc-heavy techno.

Mor Elian

Serving various genres and skillfully merging them into one cohesive set is almost a master discipline. Just a few have mastered it as well as Mor Elian, who elegantly balances contemporary house, techno, trance and very wicked experimental sounds, always keeping the dance floor in her grip. We eagerly await the Berlin-based FeverFM label owner to make her debut at STF24.

Nadia Struiwigh

For everlasting smiles on our faces we only have to think back to all the precious memories we share with Dutch gear whisperer Nadia Struiwigh. After bringing back the rave after last year's thunderstorm and her high-class contribution for our VA series, we are more than ready for new moments with our dear friend.


Themself describing last year's Stone Techno gig as a moment to not forget before dying, Narciss left an immense footprint in Essen. The language of love curator's ravy, trancy and vocal-heavy quality selection, alongside their own tracks heading in the same direction, is incredibly hyped for a reason and makes us await their return even more.

Oscar Mulero

Oscar Mulero is an absolute key figure for techno's development since the early 90s. In over 30 years of stage and studio experience, the Spanish legend manifested his status as one of the scenes most formative artists and pioneer of hypnotic techno. After his mind-blowing gig in 2022, we couldn't be happier he is back for 2024.


Phara's sinister and unframed sound design makes his raw, stomping and hard-driven tunes being played by numerous big names in recent times. After his high-class contribution to our showcase at AMP Münster, his Stone Techno Festival debut promises to be special as he will showcase his skills in one of his much sought-after live sets.

Philippa Pacho

Implementing a handful breezy grooves in a dominantly dark and hypnotic frame, Philippa Pacho is an ascending figure for a reason. Her absolute taste and ability to catch a crowd already opened the doors to the most legendary venues like Berghain or Bassiani for the Swedish Berlin resident.

Roi Perez

Genre-fluid uplifters with transcultural influences are the craft of Berlin-based DJ Roi Perez. The Phonica team member and Panorama bar regular is the perfect fit for a delightful open air experience. We are really looking forward to experiencing one of his multifaceted performances live.


From deep house in all its variations to minimalistic techno and electro elements - Sandrien is a musical chameleon with constant class. The Amsterdam-based DJ never fails to surprise but extend expectations having the ability to adjust her style perfectly and allowing herself to vary.

Sedef Adasi

It is simply impressive to see the worldwide admiration that Sedef Adasi receives. The Blitz Club resident and Panorama Bar regular expresses unmatched positive energy in her unique sound that mindfully combines euphoric elements of house and techno. Witness her set as another indisputable highlight of STF24.

Skee Mask

Skee Mask's pioneering approach to music is simply impressive and admirable. With his insane breaks, sometimes more electro, sometimes more jungle, and excursions to ambient, he marks a solid space within intelligent dance music – and that is only one of his identities.


The Third Room regular and Herrensauna resident SPFDJ will once again please our ears with her fast and sassy rave music. After creating countless core memories with her behind our decks, there's no need to convince you of her absolute floor-bursting abilities. We're thrilled to have you back, Lina!

Sol Ortega

Sol Ortega is a name you probably have heard by now. The Argentinian DJ and producer got famous with her charming DJ sets on Youtube, showing off her incredible mixing skills and track selection. Ever since, she maintains people's interest with sometimes dubby, groovy releases and DJ shows worldwide. Her tremendous ability to deliver what she is known for but surprise at the same time makes us even more excited for her set.


Impossible to hide that we are massive Stranger fans. No matter if his powerful productions, including an insane track on our VA series, or his countless mind blowing hard driven sets, the dutch artist is one of a kind and an always gratifying regular guest.


Joyful and groovy, vocal-heavy and sexy, acid-leaning and absolute explosive. All those and many more words describe THC's impressive repertoire. The Columbian-born and Berlin-based DJ is one of the most talented selectors for elevating, high-calibre dance music.

The Lady Machine

The Berlin-based The Lady Machine has already wowed the crowd at our STF22 with her distinctive musical approach of intrusive, dark synth lines and textures, leaded by infectious grooves. The Berlin based Pornceptual resident gains a fair bit of inspiration from her label work and years of digging vinyl records, hence it is impossible to compete with her top notch selection.


We are thrilled to welcome Mama Told Ya member VEL to her first Stone Techno Festival performance. In her productions and sets the aspiring artists from France convinces with pure and hard-hitting sound colors which she perfectly knows to diversify with trancy elements and melodies.


We would not be anywhere near our current status if Almedin aka VNNN. wouldn't be on board. His pure talent in production and DJing earned him a marvelous reputation in and beyond his own project for his groovy and airy definition of hypnotic techno and as co-curator for label and line-ups, he is responsible for the success of our output. Do not miss him play!


Vril opens gates to new sonic dimensions with his profound and touching sound aesthetics, full of blooming patterns, perfectly balanced with insistent rhythms. It should not be a surprise if the experienced Berlin resident enchants a whole crowd with his live performance at STF24.


Being the heads behind one of Amsterdams finest addresses for A-grade techno and visionary promoting, Alex and Bas aka VSC will showcase their own musical foresight at STF24 that crosses different techno styles being mesmerizing, drum-filled and powerful.

Why Be

Berlin & Copenhagen-based producer and DJ Why Be creates music free from chains of conventions. The Mala Junta member never fails to amaze with his wild and hectic, break heavy genre mix. Get ready for this absolute wildcard to unveil itself.


Another debut at Stone Techno Festival will be given by Yanamaste, who is widely appreciated for his rumbling, extensive, swift and raw techno. The Georgian-born artists equips his tracks with typical low frequency rhythms and tribal percussions that make you feel like being exposed to mother nature.


London-based power bundle Yazzus provides elevating fast-paced music across different genres and styles to create a surprising but unmistakable rave experience at STF24. The Mala Junta resident's success is no wonder, considering her versatile musical influences.

Young Marco

Safe trip label head Young Marco will be responsible to bring a solid portion of spaced-out house and trance to Essen. The experienced Amsterdam resident is an absolute pro when it comes to spreading love and eccentric music. Be prepared for hidden gems alongside dance floor anthems and chunky grooves.

AboutStone Techno

Despite still being under construction, the Ruhr Area, as a polycentric and post-industrial spot of renovation and future oriented transformation, is unmatched and unique worldwide. Where chimneys used to darken the sky and whole generations of the working class spend their entire lifespan mining under the ground, re-naturation and cultivation took place - so that the former institutions of blood, sweat and tears became pillars of our homelands fascinating new existence.

In this tradition, the Stone Techno Festival is the biggest multidisciplinary project with a musical, cultural, political, scientific and social approach. Taking place at a simply breath-taking location, the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein in Essen, protagonists and lovers of contemporary electronic dance music come together to celebrate a weekend dedicated to techno culture in its purest form.

STF24 Floor Host Mala Junta

We are incredibly honoured to have @malajunta.official as our floor host for the Werksschw ...

STF24 Floor Host Mama Told Ya

The crew from the influential record label @mama_told_ya is coming for the first time to E ...

STF24 Floor Host Vault Sessions
STF24 Floor Host FUSE
Arte Concert

After the first Stone Techno concert at the Ruhr Museum in 2021, Stone Techno and ARTE Concert partnered for the third consecutive year, capturing a stunning selection of sets from the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein for the second edition of the Stone Techno Festival. With an increased number of live streams, this year's collaboration aims to surpass previous successes by seamlessly merging music, art, and science to captivate an even larger audience.

  • 2023
  • 2022
  • 2021

The Stone Techno Series & Festival is a new kind of multidisciplinary experiment and brings different aspects together. Sampling, creating and releasing music made out of stones and initiating a new festival at the biggest coal mine in Europe. The first Stone Techno Series 2021 consists of 16 internationally renowned and upcoming artists split up into four EPs (limited 180gr marbled vinyl). 

For the 2022 Series we have recorded and produced a new sample library created by no-one else than the sampling-king himself: Matthew Herbert. Stay tuned for the next series of releases with a fine selection of pioneering, emerging and boundary pushing artists.

Key Facts
  • Entrance 18+
  • Bring your ID and ticket (digital or printed) with you.
  • Important for the student/trainee ticket holder: No valid ID or no matching name on the ticket means you have to pay an extra charge to round up the box office price.
  • The open air goes Friday from 16:00 till 23:59, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 till 23:59. The Night Events at Mischanlage go from 23:00 till 07:00.
  • We recommend you to come early to avoid very long waiting times.
House Rules
  • Bringing professional cameras to the festival site is not allowed.
  • We have our own media team for the festival coverage which will be used for marketing purposes. By attending to our events you are agreeing to those terms.
  • Feel free to film or take pictures with your phone but respect the vibe. Let loose, have a blast and dance.
  • The re-entrance fee is 5€. Zollverein is an UNESCO World Heritage and we want to avoid unnecessary garbage and especially vandalism. Please handle your surrounding with care and respect. Any damage to the property will cause a criminal prosecution.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.
  • We have set up our own awareness team that you can contact at any time if you or another person is not feeling well.
  • During the festival you can always contact them at their own stand or via our Awareness phone (004917642682077). They will also move around the site to be quickly available for you.
  • We have enough paramedics on the site as well.
  • Alcohol & other drugs – know your limit
  • Watch your ears
  • Pay attention to each other
  • Take it easy – Take breaks
  • Consensuality: respect people’s boundaries and reflect your own behavoir
  • Get home safe – Take a ride
Drinks & Food
  • We are cashless! We only accept card payments and PayPal.
  • We are working with a deposit system to keep our events as garbage-free as possible. At the entrance, you'll received a complimentary green coin which exempts you from any additional deposit charges for your drinks. If you lose your bottle or green coin or if you purchase multiple drinks, you'll receive a black coin for each drink. The deposit will not be refunded!
  • We have some delicious food for you with vegetarian and vegan options.
  • We have lockers in medium and large size but kindly ask you to avoid bringing larger belongings with you.
  • We have drinkable tap water at the toilet trailers. Bottles from outside are not allowed.
  • It is allowed to bring along some fresh fruit.
  • Explore our pop-up store at the festival site for an excellent selection of The Third Room and Stone Techno merchandise.
  • Especially for the festival, we have repressed our much sought-after T3R VA Series. You can grab one of the limited copies at our pop-up store as well!
Travel & Parking
  • Festival address: Kokereiallee 71, 45141 Essen (Zollverein Area C)
  • You have free parking areas (A1, A2, B and C) on the whole Zollverein site (incl. disabled parking places at area A).
  • You can reach the site by bike or public transport via the stops „Zollverein“ (tram line 107) and „Zollverein-Nord“ (tram line 107, bus line 170, bus line 183, or RB32).
  • We have organized shuttle busses for the night on all three days from the festival venue Zollverein to Essen central station. The ticket price for one way is 3,00 € and you can only buy the ticket on site.
Additional Info
  • The whole open air site is barrier-free.
  • The pool will be opened for you to cool down on both festival days until 21:00. Don't forget your swimwear, changing rooms are nearby.
  • If you want to purchase a ticket from third parties, we recommend to only use the resale platform of our website or check the following link: This way you can be sure that you will not fall victim to any scammers.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us:

If you got any questions, feel free to write us!